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How To Decide Between Home Care And Assisted Living

Patients with long-term care requirements may need to choose between staying at home or choosing a healthcare facility. With age, people can develop conditions that can interfere with daily activities and reduce independence. From making doctor’s appointments to getting around the house, patients that need long-term care may require home or facility care, depending on the condition and situation.

In-home care

Relatively healthy seniors or those that need long-time care can hire extra help at home for low-maintenance tasks. Home care services can provide patients with transportation to events or appointments, as well. An onsite caregiver can help spouses of patients that need long-time care. Hiring home care services can keep patients in familiar surroundings while receiving the appropriate treatment.

Choosing a Facility

Patients don’t have to be severely ill to live in an assisted living facility. Even healthy seniors can move into a facility to avoid certain difficult home duties or to be close to the family. Choosing a facility also avoids isolating the patient at home, if living alone. Some conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia can increase the need for selecting a facility.

End of life treatment

During the final moments of life, patients can choose to either enter a facility or receive hospice care at home. Some clients may prefer to pass away in familiar surroundings, albeit, some severe cases may require the additional resources and skill of a healthcare facility.

Home and facility care

In many cases of long-time care, patients may choose both in-home and facility treatment during specific parts of the rehabilitation or end-of-life care. For example, selecting a facility can be a valuable choice when family members aren’t available or the condition worsens. While cost should be considered, a doctor can guide patients toward an effective long-time care plan that works for everyone.

Finding the right facility

For cases that require around-the-clock support, families should visit multiple facilities and pay attention to the services provided, amenities, and quality of staff care. Family members can also speak to those living in the facility to get a better feel for the environment. Finding the right facility for long-time care requires careful consideration for the benefit of a loved one.