Wander Management Solution

We know how difficult finding placement for patients at risk of wandering can be when you’re worried about your loved ones. Our wander management solution allows people at risk of wandering to thrive and enjoy living. Not only is our staff trained to redirect exit-seeking patients, but safety precautions are in place that will temporarily lock the exit doors if someone identified as a wanderer gets too close. Our specially trained staff has the understanding and experience of working with these types of patients in order to meet their unique needs at all cognitive levels.

About Wander Management

Ashford Hall utilizes WanderGuard to protect memory care residents. WanderGuard is a bracelet that uniquely identifies the patient and will trigger alarms and/or lock doors to prevent residents from exiting the premises unattended. This unique approach to protecting exit-seeking residents is discreet, durable and comfortable to wear. This wander management solution is available to patients of all payor types, including Medicaid-pending. At Ashford Hall, we strive to give residents purpose, independence, and dignity to enhance the overall quality of their lives.

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