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The Importance Of Managing Elderly Diabetes

Elderly diabetes is an increasingly common occurrence for an aging American population. More than a quarter of Americans over the age of 65 have diabetes. The prevalence of the disease and high healthcare costs have spurred some long-term care facilities to charge extra for elderly diabetes care. Finding the right type of facility for a loved one with elderly diabetes can be made more accessible by focusing on a facility’s staff and level of care.

Simplified treatment

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) released a detailed position statement highlighting many recommendations and guidelines for elderly diabetes management. One of the suggestions was for a simplified treatment regimen. Simple treatment plans make medication adherence easier for elderly patients with diabetes. Individuals should look for facilities that emphasize uncomplicated treatments to reduce unwanted side effects and promote long-term medication adherence.

Personalized glycemic goals

Experts recommend elderly diabetes be treated on an individual and customized basis. For example, tight control of blood glucose levels can reduce diabetes-related complications and the risk of death, but also increase the risk of hypoglycemia. Loved ones should look for facilities that take a meticulous approach to balancing blood glucose values in the elderly.

Liberal diet plans

Health experts have gradually shied away from therapeutic diabetic diets for older adults in favor of liberal diets that provide more health benefits for the elderly. Therapeutic diabetic diets often lead to decreased food intake, nutritional deficiencies, and weight loss. Individuals should look for facilities that offer a wide range of food choices. Personalized food plans enable elderly patients to meet caloric and nutrient requirements.

Physical activity

Elderly diabetes patients can suffer everything from depression to painful falls. Regular physical activity should be a leading component of a long-term care facility’s care plan for elderly patients. Facilities should offer a range of activities suitable for a patient’s mobility. Regular exercise can improve strength, balance, and overall health in elderly diabetes patients.

Finding the right facility

Facilities that have a high staff turnover often don’t have enough time to learn about a patient and create a personalized treatment plan. Individuals should look for facilities with staff members that have been a part of the company for decades. Managing elderly diabetes requires a specialized staff that is knowledgeable about the best healthcare practices for a patient’s condition. Get started today by exploring long-term care options.