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Long Term Care: A Higher Quality Of Life

As people age, there is often an increased need for help with daily activities and health management. For example, people who have trouble moving or who have health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease will need daily support to continue living a high-quality life. Especially people with dementia who are at risk of wandering. In many cases, a higher quality of life is just one of the many benefits of putting a loved one in long term care.

1: It’s hard to provide adequate senior care at home

Keeping an aging loved one at home comes with a lot of responsibility. For many people, aging means a decrease in the ability to move around well. Many older people also need more help managing chronic health conditions, such as diabetes. In fact, about 85% of aging adults have at least one chronic medical condition to manage. About 60% of older adults have at least two chronic health conditions. Simply put, providing adequate resources at home for a loved one can be financially, emotionally, and logistically challenging.

A long term care facility provides 24/7 access to professional care for aging loved ones. Skilled nursing facilities have senior-friendly beds, showers, bathrooms, and transportation options. For many people, putting a loved one in a residence with full time nursing care can also help maintain the boundary of privacy and independence that is important to many seniors.

2: Speaking of privacy

Caring for a loved one at home is an intimate experience. Many people who need 24 hour care need help with bathing, preparing and eating meals, and administering medications. For many seniors, having a family member help with these tasks can be embarrassing. In skilled nursing facilities, aging loved ones can still maintain privacy and boundaries with family members, while still getting the needed support and help.

3: More structure means less stress

When caring for a loved one at home, providing routine and structure can be difficult. But many people who need long term care benefit from a regular schedule. This is especially true for people with a mental or physical disability. Studies have shown that seniors who maintain a regular schedule sleep better, feel safer, and have decreased stress and anxiety. Choosing a residence with 24 hour nursing care and routines is very important. Most facilities have a daily schedule with timed meals and routines. These environments also provide more opportunities to socialize and interact with others, which is often not the case at home.

Long term care: benefits for the long run

Putting a loved one in a skilled nursing facility can improve quality of life. Skilled nursing facilities have the necessary resources for loved ones to stay safe and adequately manage health conditions. Though the transition comes with some challenges, putting a loved one in a facility with full time nursing care can provide many benefits in the long run.