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Technology Can Aid In Every Area Of A Senior’s Life

Society has become increasingly dependent on technological advancements. Seniors can feel out of place and frustrated when trying to learn how to use new technological tools. Some seniors may avoid learning how to use technology due to a lack of perceived benefit. Older individuals can become motivated in learning new technology by knowing a few major benefits.

Social connection

Technology enables anyone to remain socially connected with a long-distance relative or friend. Video chat services, social media networks, and email services provide seniors with an alternative to in-person visits. Social media keeps seniors up to date with family pictures and messages. Learning technology can also help seniors make new friends online.

Staying fit

Video games, computers, and other cool technological equipment can make physical activity more accessible to seniors. Some video game systems are motion-controlled and incorporate light movements and immersive gameplay. Wearable technology like fitness trackers can motivate seniors to maintain a daily step count goal.

Medication reminders

Modern technology enables people to adhere to a prescribed medication schedule. Smartphone apps can provide reminders to take a prescribed medication. Alerts can also indicate missed doses and the need for a medication refill. Wearable watches, for example, can show app reminders on the screen.

Personal fulfillment

A simple web search can bring up an enormous amount of information and entertainment that can improve a person’s quality of life. Technology can enable people to create a work-from-home career. Remote work can help seniors have financial peace of mind. People can also take online classes to get certifications or learn new recreational hobbies.

Travel easier

GPS technology helps seniors navigate new areas and find a way home, if needed. Seniors that learn how to use technology can also benefit from ridesharing apps. With these apps, people can schedule rides anywhere including hospital visits or visiting friends.

Tips for using technology

Seniors can learn about the basics of technology by asking a friend or relative for help learning a new device or software. A slow and steady learning pace and a patient teacher is crucial to retaining the different concepts. Large flat screen monitors, big fonts, touchscreens, and voice assistants can be especially helpful.

Improve quality of life

Occasional use of technology can keep seniors connected, engaged, and fulfilled. Most apps and services are free to use and provide numerous benefits. Seniors can find music of any genre or watch a hard-to-find movie online. Technology keeps seniors’ minds and bodies healthy in a variety of ways. For more information regarding an improved quality of life for seniors, speak with a healthcare provider.