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Finding The Right Activity For Seniors In Long-Term Care

Seniors in long-term care can often feel lonely and depressed due to social isolation from friends and relatives. Regular visits can help seniors socially connect with friends, family, or volunteer visitors. Finding the right activity requires considering the resident’s physical and cognitive limitations. Even with limited mobility, some senior-friendly activities can keep seniors’ minds sharp.

1. Listening to stories

A pleasant and fruitful conversation about life, hobbies, family, and everything in between can keep seniors and visitors entertained for hours. When the conversation runs dry, visitors can read books or poems aloud. Sharing favorite movies, TV shows, or music can also help seniors and visitors connect and have fun.

2. Playing games

Plenty of games can be played outdoors or indoors during those cold days. Board games like Bingo, Scrabble, and checkers keep seniors’ brains engaged and active. Puzzles can provide the necessary cognitive stimulation for residents of all capabilities. Some video games and apps are senior-friendly and meant to improve memory and thinking skills.

3. Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts activities are fun for all ages. Visitors can find arts and crafts activities online and choose a few to do when visiting. An ongoing craft project is a great bonding exercise. Activities can include knitting, scrapbooking, sewing, painting, taking pictures, coloring, jewelry-making, and more. Learning a new hobby is as simple as finding tutorial videos online.

4. Getting fresh air

Residents can start to feel cooped up being in a long-term care facility. Visitors can go on a short walk around the grounds, in the courtyard, or through the garden. Walking may require pushing a wheelchair, if necessary. Getting some fresh air increases vitamin D levels, brings a boost in mood, and provides a change of scenery.

5. Learn something new together

Learning about new topics keeps the mind sharp. Anyone can develop a new hobby, learn a new language, or learn how to use technology at any age. Visitors can find online classes and teach residents the basics of using technology to learn a new subject. Learning something new together keeps people close and the brain active.

Regular visits bring benefits

There are many things that visitors can do to improve a senior’s quality of life. Regular visits ensure that residents develop strong relationships and have fun conversations. Many activities for seniors in long-term care can help boost spirits and bring joy.