Lion Health Centers has been providing excellent care to our family, friends and neighbors in the DFW metroplex for over twenty years. We believe there is a place where deep compassion and loving care meet to create a genuinely nurturing environment that provides strength and reassurance to those who are in need of assistance. It’s easy for us list out the many reasons why our services make the difference in the lives we encounter every day.

Why Ashford Hall

Ashford Hall, a member of the Lion Health Centers family, has provided generations of care to the Irving area. We have cared for fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles, and more across many families.

Achieving quality at Ashford Hall is the result of many precise processes woven throughout our facility. These processes, combined with the dedication and longevity of our administration and employees (some have been with us for 20, 30, even 50 years), provide us with a unified focus on exceptional care for our patients.

Dedication to patient satisfaction and attention to patient safety are also hallmarks of Ashford Hall. Our quality is measured in patient satisfaction scores, continuous clinical performance monitoring, and successful medical outcomes. Here are just a couple of the practices used to deliver upon our promise.

Quality Measures

Third Party Quality & Practices Assessments

Ashford Hall participates in routine, unbiased third party assessments in order to have access to care and operational reviews from external sources.

Pinnacle Independent Surveying – Ashford Hall contracts with Pinnacle Quality Insight, Inc., a company specializing in the collection of senior care satisfaction measurement, to perform personal, phone-based surveys with patients and family members. Pinnacle surveys multiple participants and delivers monthly reports covering all aspects of patient care satisfaction. This valuable, unbiased information is used by the Ashford Hall QA Committee to outline strategic and tactical areas of improvement, share successes and keep abreast of patient and family expectations.

Our latest surveys show our overall patient satisfaction rating at 4.2 out of 5, and 4.5 of 5 people would recommend our facility to others.

Baylor Health Care System/Deerbrook Charitable Trust

Ashford Hall is one of only six skilled nursing facilities in Dallas County selected to take part in the Baylor Health Care System Foundation’s project for improved care for geriatric patients. Deerbrook Charitable Trust pledged more than $12.4 million to enable Baylor to create specialized geriatric nursing education programs, develop a comprehensive volunteer program for hospitalized older patients, create education and best practice partnerships with skilled nursing homes and create a consortium with regional geriatric experts in nursing universities throughout North Texas.

As a member of the program, Baylor routinely assesses Ashford Hall for process improvement and implementation of best practices.  Ashford Hall has been commended by the Baylor Deerbrook Project for our use of Electronic Medical Records, staff continuing education programs, records management and best practices, and our staff engagement in healthly life habits programs.

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  • It’s easy for us list out the many reasons why our services make a difference in the lives we encounter every day. But, why take our word for it?

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